Smart PC My Privacy 3.9

My Privacy – это программа для проверки конфиденциальной информации что хранится в вашем компьютере на уязвимость перед хакерскими атаками. На вашем компьютере может хранится информация, о которой вы давно уж забыли. Это может быть информация о вашей кредитной карте, логины, пароли, и т.д. Так же программа служит для очистки различных файлов, которые остаются после серфинга по интернету. Утилита очищает данные, полученные браузером Internet Explorer. Очистка данных происходит как автоматически, так и по желанию пользователя.

Your computer may contain private information which you have long forgotten about. These may include your credit card information, login names, passwords as well as cookie files tracking your Web surfing habits. The My Privacy software finds all personal information and suggests its unrestorable erasure. The software also evaluates the level of your privacy protection and proposes ways to maximize it. Please bear in mind that no antispyware will save you from information theft. You need to be aware of what and where sensitive information is stored on your computer and purge it on a regular basis thus making information theft useless. Stay on the safe side!

• Web-pages visited
My Privacy shows Internet addresses which you typed in the address string of your computer browser or visited.
• Internet Cookie files
When your surf the Web an Internet site sends a cookie file which is stored on your computer. Such files contain information about your identify and preferences. By using My Privacy you can periodically remove the stored information in cookie files from your system, ensuring your privacy on the Internet.
• Private Info
My Privacy locates and classifies the following types of private data on your computer:
1. Private data of personal character
2. Login names, passwords
3. Financial information including credit Card numbers
4. Other info
Upon retrieval of this information you can purge it all or delete selected parts. Then you can be sure that your data will not be a trophy for numerous hackers.
• Temporary Internet Files
When you surf the web information from every website you visit is stored on your computer. Web browsers cannot provide full privacy as they do not clean up all hidden files containing data about your actions. My privacy will give you a hand to handle this.
• Graphics
The Temporary Internet files folder of your computer stores not only web-sites but its graphic part. Besides personal character of this information it also occupies much space on your hard drive and may build up with no almost limits. My Privacy will allow you to evaluate the volume of this information and discard unnecessary graphic files.


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