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FTP Now 2.6.91

FTP Now - отличный фтп-клиент под Windows с поддержкой функции drag & drop и возможностью одновременной закачки и скачивания нескольких файлов. Кроме этого, программа обладает всем функциями, необходимыми фтп-клиенту...
  • поддержка работы через прокси
  • возможность закачивать папки целиком
  • менеджер сайтов
  • поддержка докачки
  • поддержка стилей Windows XP
  • и многое другое...

  • Full Drag and Drop FTP upload and download
  • Upload/Download Entire Folders at Once
  • Connection Wizard - Guides you through the necessary steps of creating a new FTP connection
  • Upload/Download Multiple Files Simultaneously
  • All file transfer requests are handled in the background - You can connect to another server, while file transfers are still in progress.
  • Bookmark FTP Folders and go to them with just one click
  • Fully Customizable User Interface - Local File Browser, Quick Connect Bar, Transfer Manager, and Trace Window are all dockable
  • Site Manager - Saves multiple FTP server profiles
  • CERN Proxy support
  • Resume support for download and upload
  • Automatically send keepalive command to prevent disconnection
  • Windows XP theme support - looks charming on Windows XP
  • FTP Now uses the Windows style list boxes for displaying the contents of remote servers
  • Displays detail information regarding your download/upload
  • Sends custom FTP command
  • Automatically retry if a connection attempt failed
  • Windows Explorer Look and Feel - It makes moving files between the Internet and your computer as simple as local file manipulation
  • Supports all standard FTP commands


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