Label Design Studio 3.1

Label Design Studio - мощное и в тоже время простое в использовании программное обеспечение, которое поможет Вам создать индивидуальные визитки, рекламки, баннеры и т.д. С помощью программы Вы сможете создать яркие дизайнерские бренды при помощи заложенных шаблонов.

Features that make label creation a pleasure:

  • Ready label templates are available for a variety of uses including labels for addressing, shipping, CDs, name tags, stickers, hazard labels, passes etc.
  • You have the ability to use your own logo, images and clip art to create your labels.
  • The Label Design Studio gives you access to beautifully designed backgrounds, shapes and fonts to make labels attractive.
  • Edit and enhance images by adjusting transparency and rotate as required.
  • Select labels in a variety of sizes or define a custom size.
  • Save and re-use labels as needed.
  • The software can import data from Excel, Character delimited (.txt, .csv) file to populate labels automatically saving you the bother of keying in information manually.


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